Musical program

Events, sardinades, dj's, live concerts & soundsystems!

Friday 10/06
19h Opening
21h Free grilled sardines
23h-2h Dj Residents X

Saturday 11/06
19h Opening
20h-2h Dj Residents X

Thursday 16/06
21h Free grilled sardines
00h Dj LionANt Attack

Friday 17/06
22h Warmup Dj Lion ANt
00h Dj Bushakuka

Saturday 18/06
22h-2h Dj Residents X

Sunday 19/06
19:30h-22h Sunset Dj with Lion Ant
22h Dj Bushakuka

Monday 20/06
22h-1:30h ElectroXmondays (dj residents)

Tuesday 21/06
22h-1:30h Reggae Night with Dj LionANt

Wednesday 22/06
22h-1:30h Mojito beach party with mojitos for 4€ & Dj Bushakuka

Thursday 23/06
22h-02:00h Sant Joan nigt  (dj's Residents X).
(There will be no grilled sardines nor concert)

Friday 24/06
22h-02:30h Original X party with dj Residents X

Saturday 25/06
22h-02:30h Original X party with dj Residents X.