About us

23 years, 23 summers!

Xiringuito X began to take its first steps in 1996, on the beach of La Rubina. At that time, La Rubina was quite unknown among tourism and only crowded by locals, especially families from Castelló d'Empúries and surroundings. We started with a small and modest bar. In 1999, we started organizing electro parties on some Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays nights. Little by little the message spreaded and we began to schedule other events to to publicize the Xiringuito X in the Empordà. It was at that point that the already-well-known "Sardinades gratiX" (free grilled sardines) for our clients began, every Thursday evening, with live music and reggae parties, and also, the mitical nights with dj's and concerts featuring popular and well-known groups and artists such as Joan Garriga (La Troba Kunfu) Carles Belda (Badabadocs) Frank-T (R3 rider) Kamikaze (former CPV) Dreadsquad (Poland prod.) Raniga Biga with Atili Bandalero & Don Camilo, Iseo & Dodosound, Tomawok, Mr. Wilson with Badalonians Sound, Raphael, Revolutionary Brothers, King Konsul, Yanu, Rampalion, Malaka Youth, George Palmer, Lasai, Dark Angel, Kinky Bwoy ... and local bands such as Bannana Beach, Pinochios, Dirty Jobs, Los Delai, La Tosca Brava, Tangor, Laia Vehí, Bonaflaira, President Xai ... among others!

The Xiringuito X is currently a landmark in the region. It stands out for its good atmosphere, where everyone fits. It involves a mixture of everything, a diversity united by common interests: music, good vibes and the fact of being able to enjoy the best open air option in a privileged environment. 

We also emphasize our commitment to ecology. We are respectful of the fragile ecosystem in which we are placed, that is why we have reusable glasses and dishes, biodegradable straws, reusable ashtray dispensers and selective collection. We would like to remember you that the Xiringuito X is inside the natural park of the Empordà wetlands and that we must be careful not to leave any trace of our stay in La Rubina beach. Be specially careful with cigarettes!! Use ashtrays and recycle the glass. And please, respect the dunes (nesting area for protected species): taking care of the environment does not cost anything. We all win.

We are located in a fragile environment, full of life and unique on the Catalan coast. RESPECT.